January 2023 Health Tip

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January 2023

We have all made “New Year’s Resolutions,” but how often do we make these resolutions just to have them fall by the wayside by February?  This year let’s propose to try something new!  Instead of “Resolutions,” let’s try to make “Life Goals.”   Studies show that it takes 21 days to create a habit and 90 days to create a lifestyle change.    
Suggestions for lifestyle Goals: 
  • Spiritual:  Strengthen our prayer life.  Pray over our lives daily and try to expand our time with God not only to seek direction but also to request the desires of our hearts. Remember 2023 is a new year for increased faith and abundant blessings!
  • Physical – Start an exercise routine.  It can be walking in place while we are watching our favorite television program.  Exercises can also be done while sitting in a chair!  When we exercise it releases a “natural high” called endorphins which can help with depression, anxiety, and pain.  
  • Mental – We can all train our minds to react differently and positively to negative experiences.  Pray and ask for strength during times of grief or disappointment.  We can strive not to react to negativity by praying for the strength to walk away from an altercation rather than to argue or prove a point.  When we as Christians take “the high road” and think before we speak, listen with an open mind, and silently pray before we react, we are letting our “light shine,” and those in the world will take notice.
Praying for *Mind, Body and Spiritual* Wellness to you,
The Mt. Zion Heath and Wellness Ministry


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