Deacon Board
Deacon Forrest Williams - Chairman Deacon Willie Rice - Vice Chairman The concept, deacon, ... more

Deaconess Board
President: Sister Dorothy Williams The mission of the Deaconess is to support the Pastor and ... more

Mother Board
Ministry Leader: Mother Lewis Assistant: Mother Lynch Treasurer: Mother Cotton Chaplain: ... more

Usher Board
MInistry Leader: Sister Nell Cooley The Usher Board Ministry is responsible for creating an ... more

Missionary Board
Assists and supports the pastor by visiting people who are sick or shut-in. Establishes ... more

The concept deacon comes from the Greek word "diakonein" which means to minister or serve.  The personal, moral and spiritual qualifications of a deacon are found in 1 Timothy 3:8-13. 
Contact Information:
Forrest Williams - Chairman