Please pray for Pastor Bright and the Bright family. Pastor Bright's cousin, Brother Eugene Bright, passed.


Please pray for Mother Jeannette Wright, Sister Joann Cash, Deacon Jeffrey Slaton and Deaconess Sheila Rice. Mother Wright and Sister Cash's sister, Bobby Lee Johnson, passed. 


Please pray for Mother Mary Nell Avery and Sister Vanessa Carroll. Mother Avery's sister and Sister Carroll's aunt, Sister Geloria Phelps, passed on Sunday.


Please pray for Mother Mattie Cotton, Deacon Raymond Cotton, Sister Linda Cotton and family. Mother Cotton's daughter, Sister Earline Cotton Jackson, passed. 


Please pray for Sister Joyce Butler and family. Her daughter, Lawanda Brown, passed.


Please pray for Mother Lynch in the passing of her grandson and Sisters Pamela and Andrea Lynch’s nephew. 

Blessed are they that mourn: for they shall be comforted.

                             ~Matthew 5:4



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