Health Tip for March 2023

Mt. Zion Monthly Health Tip
*Mind, Body, Spirit* = Wellness
March 2023
March is National Nutrition Month
National Nutrition Month, celebrated in March, stresses the importance of a balanced diet and exercise. The Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics promotes the transformative powers of healthy food choices. Nutrition Month is important because it is an opportunity to reset.  In the January we talked about life goals. Now two months later we can evaluate where we are. It is not too late to start on the road to better health. Better nutrition will help us look and feel better.
To begin the journey of looking and feeling better, try the following nutrition tips:

Try to have more home-cooked meals.  Fast foods are full of salt and additives to make them taste better but are unhealthy. 
  • Keep healthy snacks on hand such as fresh fruits, raw vegetables, and nuts.  Have fewer chips and sweets. 
  • Eat when you are hungry, not when you are lonely, bored, sad, or angry. 
  • Try “put down the fork” at meals.  Put your fork down between bites – it makes you eat slower and may stop overeating. 
  • Try not to eat after 7pm.  This gives your body a chance to digest your food and may help you to sleep better and ease acid reflux.
  • Drink only water for your primary beverage and avoid sugary drinks and juices.
Praying for *Mind, Body, and Spiritual* wellness to you,
The Mt. Zion Health and Wellness Ministry